Who are we?

    We are Mina Rahimi and Alex Vainshtein. Two Master of Planning Students at The University of Calgary. 

    What is this project?

    This project is an effort to establish a platform for engagement with the public of Beddington Heights. In collaboration with The Beddington Heights Community Association we are eager to provide an opportunity for you to be heard. 

    What is co-creation?

    Co-creation is all about being collaborative throughout a process. Beddington Heights deserves the input of all parties to be heard and considered throughout any decision making. 

    How can you help us?

    You can keep an eye out for updates on this platform and use the varying methods of engagement. We want to hear from you!

    What would be the result of the project?

    The result of this project is to establish an understanding of the residents' voices and thoughts. Having an available platform and opportunity to hear what the public of Beddington Heights thinks is useful in guiding future decisions that impact the community.