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Feeling safe, neighbourhood walks, and keeping an eye on community health

by wyyhuang,

What I like about my community:

I've always felt so safe in our community. Even on some late night study/work evenings, pitch black, snow on the ground, the ease of being, no matter the time of night or day, in my neighbourhood became natural to me.

One of my FAVOURITE things about our neighbourhoods in the Northern Hills are the endless walking paths, which are surprisingly accompanied by a plethora of natural/human-designed environment (geese, birds, ponds, trees, and general greenery). A walk outside and seeing many other neighbours enjoying the same bright, beautiful day (before COVID), was a wonderful way to spend mornings and afternoons.

What I've come to notice about the community:

Recently in the past few years, there have been incidents of crime and violence in and around our communities. I believe that community members should recognize the need to engage residents in crime prevention initiatives and training, which I consider to be broad in application. For example, projects related to mental health, immigrant settlement, and economic empowerment - all have the potential to make a positive impact in residents' lives, thus creating a healthier, cohesive, and better neighbourhood.

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