What is this project about?

    Plan Together is an online platform providing residents of the Northern Hills Community an opportunity to work with student planners. We are delighted to know about your aspirations, perspectives, and opinions on what you want to see implemented in your community.

    Why should I get involved?

    By sharing your ideas, you are contributing to our education as planners and helping to generate material that could be used in the future to transform Northern Hills.

    Why should I register?

    Registration is optional. By registering on our website, you are helping us keep track of participation and giving us better data to work with, but it is not required to submit your ideas or your stories.

    How will my information be used?

    All contributions to this platform are anonymous and will only be reviewed by the project team. A select number of user-generated content (i.e., stories, ideas, pictures, videos etc.) may be shared on this webpage or on the Northern Hills Community Association's social media channels. A summary report of our findings will be shared only with the Northern Hills Community Association. 

    Who can I contact if I have other questions?

    If you have any queries related to this project, please contact us via email at any of the following addresses 

    • gianmarco.visconti@ucalgary.ca
    • vandana.solanki@ucalgary.ca 
    • chiman.dai@ucalgary.ca

    Or you can submit a question through the "Feedback" tab on our homepage.

    All queries will be answered within 2-3 business days.